Our Brand

To say we’ve been there and done that, won some and lost some, is an understatement. As people, as a company, our story is governed by resilience and modesty, success and failure, which is why we’ll always take a chance on a fledgling entrepreneur, company or social movement that needs our support.

Driven by that philosophy, the Kydder Group doesn’t just think outside the box. We blow it up and put it back together again while maintaining our focus on the client’s growth journey. Our goal is to be efficient and committed to helping you manage your business life cycle and reputation from seed and development to maturity and exit. We believe in the underdog and celebrate the champion. We always aim for first place. And entrenched in our foundation is a “straight-shooter” approach that was born from decades of communication, legal, political and entrepreneurial experience.


Building something from nothing, defending honour from detraction, and seeing a problem solved after years of hard work is something we get. It’s our responsibility to manage the bumps and bruises and bring you closer to your desired business excellence.