Our Work

We provide advice and content in the following areas: 

  • Public Relations

  • Strategic Communication

  • Earned Media

  • Key Influencer Analysis

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Small Business Valuation

  • Publicity

  • Training

  • Crisis Management

  • Reputation Management

  • Stakeholder Relations

  • Government Relations


Companies and organizations are evolving faster than ever before, media dynamics have been shaped by economy, and technology continues to interrupt the flow of communication. With so much to analyze and understand, communicators must be well-rounded in multiple disciplines, making it difficult to be proactive and responsive to a company’s immediate needs. That’s where we come in. We take you out of the bubble and bring a fresh perspective to your goals. We leave no stone unturned and force you to think about what’s working and what’s not.

We provide investor relations, crisis management, niche media engagement, and government relations advice to public and not-for-profit organizations, small and medium-sized businesses, and start-ups in the tech sphere.  Whether you need short-term help or a fully engaged strategy, we are equipped to manage your project at an excellent rate. Please contact Michael Kydd for our pricing details.


Proven profitability and future earnings potential are the most attractive qualities in a potential business acquisition. Our experts provide sound valuation methodologies, accurate documentation, seller financing and pre-sale advice that could potentially influence the value of your business. 

We also provide a business start-up package for entrepreneurs and newcomers to Canada that includes consultation, registration and access to legal, financial and communications experts. We’ll walk you through everything you need to know, and if you’re still having a difficult time, we’ll walk you through it again until we get it right. Please contact Zu Chen for more details.


Every company or emerging influencer needs publicity, preferably earned. And they need it to generate sales, benchmark their brand, or share their vision of a better world. Our approach is organic, and we excel in using personal assets, current digital trends, and target market identification to produce the best results. Advertising campaigns are creative and fun, but sometimes they produce little value for the money you spend. We have a knack for capturing the right moment and making it go viral. Check out this raw and powerful video that captured more than 500,000 likes and views across the world. Our philosophy is straightforward: money buys clicks, good strategy buys legacy. 


Good crisis communicators are hindsight thinkers – they always have a plan for moving forward after a crisis event. Great crisis communicators prepare, expose and audit potential issues before they occur.

Managing a public or internal crisis can be a devastating experience for anyone. Our certified crisis and reputation management experts are the best in the business. Why? Because we back our work up with an ethical, experienced approach that factors the emotional, psychological and strategic aspects of a sudden or smoldering crisis.

We prepare communications professionals and business leaders with hands-on, interactive, F2F training that analyzes everything from locus of control, language and the regulation of emotion, to communicating highly structured messaging to stakeholders and media.

For a presentation on our approach or a free consultation, please contact Michael Kydd.


From small pre-launch tech start-ups and scalable mid-sized builders to newcomers looking to start a business, our training and education programs provide the little details that matter most.  It’s tough to start a business or reach new markets; it’s even tougher to have the confidence to keep pushing towards your goal. 


Twenty years ago, people were discouraged from talking about mental health. It was considered a sign of weakness or instability. While some issues are still stigmatized in the workplace, we are committed to helping companies understand the sensitivities involved at the executive, management and entry levels. Our executive coaches have extensive mental health and coaching experience, personally and professionally, and help founders and employees better understand how to turn a perceived weakness into a strength. We use mindfulness, conflict resolution and other forms of awareness strategies to help build confidence and stronger communication with a focus on improving life and work balance. Over the next two years, the Kydder Group has promised to develop a VC-supported fund that will provide mental health services for companies who desperately need them.


More than ever, companies are being called out publicly for issues affecting the workplace. Simply paying for a reputation management company to whitewash or scrub negative online reviews is no longer an accepted approach: people want accountability, and they want to know you take it seriously. The Kydder Group believes in dealing with the root issue and then helping organizations work through the problem with better communication. Too many companies focus on band-aid solutions with the hope that a problem will go away; our approach uses ethical communication, dialogue and transparency to resolve the issue and then repair reputation. In 2018 we prepared a reputation management position paper for the Senate of Canada which addressed the complicated issue of the Right to be Forgotten.


Reporters are driven by editorial discretion and a “can’t get scooped on Twitter” mentality. It’s the reality we live in. There is an incredible amount of pressure for them to account on the bottom line, social clicks and popularity – factors that didn’t drive them 20 years ago. They’re not the only ones telling the story anymore, and that matters a lot. 

Our training program teaches a strategy on how to engage niche and traditional media, prepare for virtual and in-person interviews, and position your editorial content for maximum optimization. To learn more about our media engagement strategies, please contact Michael Kydd.


COVID-19 has irrevocably changed the way we communicate with stakeholders and audiences across the world. Traditional public speaking programs are designed to teach non-verbal techniques, voice control and other queues to connect with your audience, and that’s still important. However, in the age of COVID communicators and business leaders must adapt to the “new rules” which govern virtual interaction. We'll be posting videos soon on our YouTube channel that provide tips on how to improve your audience engagement strategies, so stay tuned.