Michael Kydd Regulatory Advisor Services

Regulatory Communications

Communicating with regulators and politicians is complex. We combine our deep expertise in regulatory and legislative affairs with innovative strategies designed to create significant value for our clients. Our approach is to earn the trust and respect of key influencers by assessing the political mood and appetite for change. Our clients appreciate the macro-political lens we apply to their issues, helping them execute the strategic course that best fits their agenda.

We provide our clients with:

  • Federal, provincial, and municipal department engagement.
  • Regulatory analyses specific to their industry.
  • Regulatory approvals.
  • Applying for government funding.
  • Assessment of international regulatory regimes.
  • Online “Writing for Effective Change” and “Writing to Influence Government” courses.

Public Relations

Every dollar you’re not spending on targeted micro-communications is a dollar poorly spent. We don’t apologize for having that approach.

Our team of leading PR experts tackle new social trends and use them to communicate your value proposition. We work regularly with clients to identify opportunities where the organization has the greatest potential for growth.  We place heavy importance on what’s happening in the moment, creating context and being able to position a campaign or client in a newsworthy way, both online and offline.  It’s not just about the idea itself, but the insights behind it.

Services we provide:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative market research
  • Opinion Editorials
  • Branding and Re-Branding
  • Media Training
  • Media Events
  • Copywriting
  • Communications Planning
  • Press Releases
  • Product & Campaign Launches
  • Reputation Rebuilding
  • Crisis Management

Corporate Visibility

Well-managed companies always find ways to differentiate themselves in highly stigmatized markets like cannabis and psychedelics.

The good news? We get it. And we have the capacity to help you solve your corporate branding needs through our research, planning, design, creative and digital optimization approach.

Growing your digital presence takes time and a well-coordinated strategy encompassing many tactics from media cultivation and stakeholder engagement, to search engine optimization and social media planning. Our team of brand experts specialize in corporate brand indexing and developing the right strategies to increase performance and visibility.

Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

Our team of licensing and regulatory compliance experts advise international cannabis and psychedelic companies on matters relating to licensing strategy, regulation, policy, and GMP-compliant facility design.

We specialize in:

  • Clinical research strategy and design
  • Section 56 and Special Access Program application writing
  • Facility licensing and approval
  • Dealer’s Licensing and approval
  • Government relations and advocacy

Investor Relations

Companies need capital to survive.

Whether you’re just starting to devise an IR strategy, or you’re refreshing your existing one, it never hurts to re-assess your processes and come up with new ways to engage investors.

Our IR approach is personal. We find, engage, and leverage relationships with the right investors at the right time so that you can focus on what you do best - building your business.

Our IR approach is driven by analytics. We help you better understand changes in your shareholder base through our accurate and comprehensive shareholder monitoring capabilities.


Over the past two years, Kydder Group has been at the forefront of regulatory change in the Canadian psychedelics space. Our clients trust us to position their message, initiate business opportunities and transactions, and communicate the importance of research and regulation in this ever-evolving space.

Founder and Principal, Michael Kydd, currently advises the Psychedelic Association of Canada as a board member and is also a member of the Catalyst Summit 2022 Planning Committee team.

Kydder Group is currently spearheading Canada’s first Memorandum of Regulatory Analysis (MORA) to amend current Health Canada regulations, hopefully resulting in controlled legal access to psilocybin therapy as a dignified, quality-of-life option for Canadians at end-of-life.

Michael Kydd Psychedelics Business Regulatory Work


We have been working with Michael Kydd since the beginning of ATMA and increasingly lean on his expertise and understanding of the global psychedelic regulatory environment. His connections and abilities to bring together stakeholders in the industry at large has been so valuable to us.

David Harder

Co-Founder & CEO, ATMA Journey Centers